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They don’t make ’em like they used to – Part II

tomSo, I’ve poked around the house, trying to identify gadgets that I have had for over three decades.  Not coming up with much, did find this Sony Sports Walkman that my buddy Todd gave to me before I left for Japan in 1990.  That’s a respectable twenty two years and it still works!  The only problem…. we don’t have any cassette tapes anymore (cleaned them out a few years back).


Sony was the gold standard of portable audio in the eighties and their current line up of mp3 walkman’s are very competitive to the iPod, they just got stuck in trying to create competing proprietary formats that couldn’t compete with Apple….

I’ve got a few other boxes to look through, not hopeful that this will be a top ten list.


The don’t make ’em like they used to…

tomEnjoyed sleeping in this Saturday morning.  It wasn’t intentional, but a result of a malfunctioning alarm clock.  I rolled over several times thinking that it was a few minutes before 8:00am.  Finally, reality set in, it couldn’t be a few minutes to 8:00 that many times and once I jiggled the dial on my “Neverlate” alarm clock, the time kicked in, it was 9:30am…

I bought this “neverlate” clock four years ago and up until now, have been a huge fan.  It has several different alarm settings, allows you to change the alarm tones, has an automatic dimmer and allows you to adjust the snooze time (I’m a fan of 9 minute snoozes).  Now that it is malfunctioning, I’m thinking about a replacement and wondering if four years is really a realistic shelf-life for an alarm clock?  My wife Beth points out that her alarm clock, which is a combo alarm clock and radio was purchased before she went to college, probably around 1982, and still works great.  I concur that her’s has been tried and true, but I also point out that it has only one alarm setting, jarring.

So, what’s the balance, four years v. thirty years?  Functions and features that add value to the experience of using the alarm clock, compared to rock solid performance (and a mild heart attack each time it goes off) for three decades?  I’ll try to get the “neverlate” repaired (ok, stop laughing) and in the mean time, will set a second alarm to ensure that my “neverlate” won’t make me late.

So, that’s a lot of information about an alarm clock.  The larger concept that I’m contemplating is this; What electronic devices do I own that have lasted at least two decades?   I’m going to take a look around the house and I’m hopeful that I can compile a top 10 list…

Stay tuned.

Netputing’s AirPrint Activator – print from your iPad/pod/phone

tomThis handy little app will allow you to print from your iPad/pod/phone to any sharable printer attached to your mac.

This is great for those of us that don’t have an “AirPrint” ready printer.

If you have a mac or a pc and have print sharing set up, this little app is easy to set up and allows you to print wirelessly from your iPad/pod/phone.

AirPrint Activator « Netputing.

PS. make sure you work through their instructions, you do need to remove and re-add your existing printer after running the app.

Also, if you like the app, throw a few buck to the author via paypal.

quirky – Pivot Power Flexible Power Strip

tomIf you have the need for a powerstrip that can handle all different sized adapters and plugs, then quirky’s, Pivot Power Flexible Power Strip is for you.   I picked one of these up in December to sit by my desk at home.  I have several different chargers that I rotate into use with the power strip.  The previous strip required me to unplug two devices to free up enough space for the gi-normous energizer adapter that I used to recharge batteries.  With the Pivot Flex Power, nothing gets unplugged, I just do a little flexing and there’s plenty of room.

quirky – Pivot Power Flexible Power Strip.

Also, this product and many others were invented through quirky’s “Socially Developed Product” environment which fosters new inventions and ideas…pretty cool.

inPulse smartwatch – hoping they go iOS…

tomIf they get this to work with an iPhone, I’m in.  It links via bluetooth to your phone and displays caller ID (and a whole bunch more).  A casual glance at my watch to see who’s calling, priceless.

inPulse smartwatch | Get apps and alerts on your wrist.

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