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La Sardina Camera & Flash – Splendour – Lomography Shop

tomLove this, retro-cool.  Wouldn’t begin to know what to do with a film camera, but maybe they could make a digital version?

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Splendour – Lomography Shop.

Game Changer – Light Field Camera

tom Just started reading about Lytro, a new “light field” camera that can capture an entire scene and allow you to later edit the exact picture you want.  I’m pretty sure this is going to be a game changer if the company can deliver on it’s promise.  Conceptually, you just have to point at the action and then pull the image into your computer photo editing software.  From there you can create the photo.

For example, if you’re snapping the standard blowing out the birthday cake shot, the light field camera captures the entire environment.  You can then extract shots of the birthday girls face, the crowd behind the birthday girl, the candles being blow out, etc…

I haven’t looked into the size of the images, assuming they will be huge digital files.  Also wondering the implications of the company’s unwillingness (at least initially) to license this technology.  They seem to have some pretty hefty backers, but without a licensing scheme, I’m wondering if they will have the ability to penetrate the market with this technology before the big boy’s replicate and flood the market with replicas…

lytro is the company –

The Blogs are speculating –

it’s looks cool

lytro camera

from Lytro's website

Thinking about the possiblities, how could this technology be a game changer for sports, security, amateur and photography buffs, Bill?

bill I’ve been following the Lytro Camera in Popular Photography Magazine. In their December 2011 issue, they quote an estimated street price of $399 (8GB built-in memory) and $499 (16GB built-in memory). Both models have a 28-224mm (equivalent) f/2 lens. Individual file sizes are around 12MB, and are formatted in Lytro’s Mac-only Light Field Picture format. Cameras are due in early 2012.

I like the idea of not missing a picture because I accidentally focused on the wrong object! If this product really does come fruition, it really will be a game changer!

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