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Netputing’s AirPrint Activator – print from your iPad/pod/phone

tomThis handy little app will allow you to print from your iPad/pod/phone to any sharable printer attached to your mac.

This is great for those of us that don’t have an “AirPrint” ready printer.

If you have a mac or a pc and have print sharing set up, this little app is easy to set up and allows you to print wirelessly from your iPad/pod/phone.

AirPrint Activator « Netputing.

PS. make sure you work through their instructions, you do need to remove and re-add your existing printer after running the app.

Also, if you like the app, throw a few buck to the author via paypal.

iPad Wall Mount + iPad Accessories | The Wallee

Wallee iPad Case

tomThanks for the tip Todd, this Wallee iPad Case/mount is very intriguing.  The case can pair with a variety of different mounts/stands to make your iPad very versatile.

iPad Wall Mount + iPad Accessories | The Wallee.

Numbers League

tomQuin, Beth and I are big fans of Number League, a great math app for the iPad. Tricks kids into learning algebra, has an amazing set of graphics, and follows some of the best practices in using games to teach concepts (no time limits, rewards, the ability to make mistakes).  It also has sharpened my math skills (which weren’t so sharp to begin with!).

CoolMomTech just gave it their “Best Tech of 2011” award. Awesome!

Numbers League Facebook Page

iPad 3 Speculation

Crystal Ball

tomA co-worker just asked if she should wait for the iPad 3 to be released or get an iPad 2 now.  Looking into my crystal ball, I suspect that the advantage of an iPad 3 might be…

4G, SIRI, higher res screen and a new processor.

I can also dream and say that Quin thinks Apple should make an iPod-Pad, which is smaller than an iPad but bigger than a iPod.  Having played with a Kindle Fire over the holiday, I think it would be a similar form factor, but lighter.

Bill, what are your predictions?

billLooking into my crystal ball, I would add more storage and a Thunderbolt Port to your list. Other new options might include a built-in SD card slot, and a better camera. Oh, and of course there is the need for a carbon fibre case…

The bigger news this month for iPads might be software-related rather than hardware-related. There are rumors floating around about changes to iBookstore. Look for an Apple announcement this month.

Personally, I am waiting for the next generation AppleTV…

Creative Game – Windosill

tomQuin and I love this game.  It’s called Windosill and the object is to get the truck through the door on each level.  You have to explore the environment to find the block that unlocks the door.  It works on your computer (you can play half of the game for free) and is an excellent iPad app.


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